Accounting and Financial Analysis


  • Why are balance sheets
    important to healthcare organization finance and what area of the
    balance sheet would you consider the most critical?
  • Comparing
    organizational costs, which costs does nursing administration have
    little control over and why? Which costs would be most important if you
    are expanding your services and considering quality improvement
  • Compare and contrast for-profit and not-for-profit
    corporate structures based on the information available from a balance
    sheet and an income statement? Fundamentally, what are the differences?
  • Goodwill and patents are considered what types of assets? Give detailed examples and explain.
  • Compare
    and contrast assets which are the essential economic lifeblood of a
    healthcare organization stability. Give detailed examples and explain.

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office)
presentation should be a minimum of 25 slides, including a title and
reference slide, with detailed speaker notes of 3-4 mins on content
slides. Use at least five scholarly sources, APA format, incite citation
on each page

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