NSG451 UOPX Professional nursing leadership



Complete the Leadership Theories in Practice worksheet. Additional information provided in the Welcome to Week 1 Announcement:

The written assignment for this week is to fill out and complete the chart.

Column 1: For the Summary Definition, be sure to summarize the main points in your own words and add your in-text citation. Sources should be from at least 5 different places and then use these sources in APA-format for your references. There should be NO direct quotes. Summarize the theory in your own words.

Column 2: The Practice Example will come from your own work experience or suggest a situation where this would apply.Write the example without using 1st person so you work on that new skill set you will need for your BSN. Since this is a story from your experience, it does not need cited for this worksheet.

Column 3: The Application of Gardner’s Tasks is where you will correlate at least one task to the theory and practice example. Gardner’s Tasks can be found in your book starting on page 13 and going through to page 17. Identify the task and then write your example from practice. Since the example is from your practice, it does not need cited for this worksheet.

APA: Please follow the directions in the worksheet. There needs to be 5 different sources for the in-text citations throughout the worksheet. Do not use direct quotes. The summaries and examples must be in your own words. Place your sources in the reference section, following 6th edition

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