DDHA 8900 Walden University Southeast Alabama Medical Center Paper


For this Assignment, you will conduct research
about a hospital using the Hospital Compare data source for any large
U.S. city. Find a hospital that you are interested in or familiar with
for this Assignment. Then, select two similar hospitals for comparative
analysis. Then, analyze the organization’s position within the local and
regional health care system. Analyze the cost, quality, and access
metrics of the organization. Reflect on the metrics that might be
monitored by the different types of control charts on the Hospital
Compare data source. Think about how you would proceed with conducting a
complete quality assessment of the hospitals you selected.

The Assignment: (8–10 pages)

  • Provide a description of the hospital you selected, its geographic
    area, the population it serves, and the reason you selected it.
  • Provide a detailed comparison of this hospital
    with two other similar hospitals in the community as well as state /
    national rates. Be sure to address all of the following components:

    • Similarities / differences in hospitals
    • Surveys of Patients Experiences
    • Timely and Effective Care
    • Complications
    • Readmissions and Deaths
    • Use of Medical Imaging
    • Payment and Value of Care
  • Categorize each of the subcomponents as whether they are structure,
    process, or outcome oriented, and identify how / if they link to cost,
    quality, and access. Be specific in your categorization.
  • Explain whether there are there significant differences in the
    proportion of patients who gave the three hospitals a rating of 9 or 10.
    NOTE: You can find the number of respondents by
    clicking on the “View More Details” link on the Hospital Compare site.
    Conduct appropriate hypothesis testing for your comparison. How did your
    selected hospital perform in comparison to the others from a
    statistical point of view?
  • Identify three separate measures that should be monitored using
    variable control charts, attributes or failures control charts, and
    nonconformity control charts.
  • Provide your overall assessment of this hospital’s performance on
    cost, quality, and access measures. Be sure to reference your
    statistical results and analyses that assisted you in the development of
    your overall assessment.

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