HI 253 Purdue University Otitis Media Medical Record Analysis



  • Your coding manager asks you to review the above case (#ED322223) for any coding discrepancies. You notice that additional information from the provider would allow you to code the diagnosis to a higher level of specificity. Your manager requests that you generate a physician query to resolve the issue.
  • Describe the deficiency that was present in the health record that would require a physician query to resolve. Record your response in the box below.
  • Refer to the Unit 5 Supplemental Readings “Guidelines for achieving a compliant query practice” and compose a written query to the physician to clarify the deficiency in the health record. Create and record your completed query in the box below.
  • Submit the completed assignment worksheet to the Unit 5 Assignment Dropbox.

Requirements: I have attached the full assignment instructions

Your assignment should have no more than 10% quoting.Please use paraphrasing, in-text citation, and a list of references, as appropriate.

Your assignment should:

  • Have a cohesive viewpoint that is clearly established and sustained.
  • Follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling).
  • Be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
  • Follow APA citation style as needed (Please note:You may access information regarding appropriate citation information at the Purdue Global Writing Center).
  • The word count should be 75-100 words.

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