West Coast University WK 8 Public Health Role in Medical Career Questions


Prompt 1: What role does public health play in your career? How has it benefitted your professional life? What are the advantages of having a master’s degree in public health?

Prompt 2: What classes or topics within the MPH program did you relate to the most? How will you integrate what you have learned into your public health practice?

Prompt 3:Discuss the Ebola outbreak that occurred in West Africa in 2014.

  • What do you remember from the media at the time?
  • Have your perceptions about the transmission of highly infectious diseases changed after what you have learned in this course?
  • Do you see the 2014 Ebola outbreak differently now?
  • Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ or your instructor’s posts. Your responses should include elements such as follow-up questions, a further exploration of topics from the initial post, or requests for further clarification or explanation on some points made.

Please each discussion should have its refence

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