2 Forum responses 150 words each topic is paralegal studies

Forum 1:

A Code of Ethics shows the professional side of the company. It shows responsibility of the company, shows that the company values integrity, prevents innocent violation of ethics, and provides a good path when taking corrective action. [1] A Code of Ethics tells the members of the company what it will and will not put up with from a person or company in general. It shows what is expected of a person and what will happen if that expectation is not met. An example of ethics can be respect for another person and their property, refraining from violence, and treating others fairly. There are five fundamental principles in the Code of Ethics which are integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due are, confidentiality, and professional behavior. [2]

It is important for employees to know that there will be no retaliation if misconduct is reported. Say Sally was being picked on daily by Joe. Sally has asked Joe numerous times to stop, but he keeps going. Sally has dealt with it for too long and has finally decided to go to the manager to report this. Although she is nervous that she may get picked on even more by Joe, she cannot handle the stress of the daily harrassment. She has read the handbook on how to handle something like this and it tells her that she can report to the direct manager with no retaliation. If that manager cannot handle the situation alone, they must then go to the next level of management to get the issue resolved. [3]

It ism important to keep your employees educated and up to date on all company policies regarding ethics. There is no need for an employee to feel that they cannot report misconduct when it is necessary.

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Forum 2:

Ethical behavior, we think of what is morally right or wrong; good or bad actions. We depend on honesty, integrity and respect from others on a daily basis. We entrust teachers with our children, we depend on our local markets for fresh food, pharmacists and doctors, and so on. We trust that individuals (as well as businesses) can and will distinguish “right from wrong”. Individuals are expected to be mindful of their actions and not engage in unethical practices.

Implementing ethics programs ensure that employees within the company are aware of what the company expects, the values and responsibilities they are to put forth, as well as what the company will tolerate. Companies have responsibilities not only to their clients but to their employees as well. A respectable business upholds values and standards which they protect with codes of practice and behavior. It’s a way of reducing unethical behavior and improving the communication between employees and management. It also strengthens the company reputation as a whole. It is a form of “good citizenship”. [1] A company which encompasses codes of behavior within their practice can protect themselves from legal issues and violations. Sexual harassment and workplace bullying are perfect examples. Good business ethics ensure the success of the practice. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, if an attorney is unethical, chances of clients staying with the firm dwindle. The attorney as well as the firms’ public image can suffer resulting negatively for the company as a whole. Employees are expected to obey the law. There are specific requirements for certain companies. For example, someone who drives for a company may need their license reviewed periodically. Multiple law violations or DUIs and may result in disciplinary action from the employer. There are situations that may occur outside of business hours but the ability to perform their job is in question.

When it comes to key elements for business ethics, integrity, honesty confidentiality jump right out. We have all hear of the “Open Door” policy. This is an effort to make their staff aware that they can report any wrongdoing without fear of retaliation. One of the elements of Business Ethics is to create an environment where the employee is encouraged to speak up. Many companies provide employees with an employee handbook which details policy and procedure. For example, emails and cell phone use. Many companies make it clear that company email is to be used for company related business. There are specifics with regards to internet. Confidentiality is huge. Many companies such as law firms and medical offices have very strict rules regarding client information. In order to protect confidentiality, there are procedures in place by which a company must abide. In the end, ethics programs is a powerful tool which protects not only the business but it’s crucial to it’s success.



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