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You will submit at least six annotated bibliographies. Use the checklist found in the Rubric below as a guide.

Unit 6 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography
The annotated bibliography contains the literature that you consider to be most relevant to the topic of
HR-business strategy.
? You will submit at least six annotated bibliographies. The sources should be outside of those
you have used in class.
? The purpose of this Assignment is to give you an opportunity to review the literature on a
particular subject relating to the class topics.
This allows you to illustrate the quality of research that you have done, provide examples of the types
of sources available, describe other items on a topic that may be of interest to you, and explore the
subject for further research for your final presentation. Your sources should be limited to Library
articles, trade journals, and relevant HR websites that demonstrate academic rigor.
Note: You might use the literature reviewed to postulate your Final.
Annotate: “To furnish (a literary work) with critical commentary or explanatory notes.” (TheAmerican
Heritage Dictionary, 1982).
Bibliography: “A list of writings related to a single topic.” (The American Heritage Dictionary, 1982).
An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources, each followed by critical commentary
(annotations). In general, these annotations include: a description of the content and focus of the
book or article, identification of the useful value added from including this source in your research, an
evaluation of the content, logic, structure, validity, and credibility, and your reactions to the source.
You should use the Library and other academic websites to research your articles. For each source
you present, state the full APA 6th ed. formatted reference description followed by the annotation.
The annotation will include your assessment and review of the source by preparing a summary
paragraph to include the following:
? Authority of author: How or why is the author a credible source?
? Accuracy of the source information: What is the background or basis?
? Timeliness: The rule of thumb on text references is no more than 5 years old. (Only use an
older book if it is a recognized classic). The rule of thumb on journal articles is 2-3 years (for
technical journal articles, one year).
? Scholarly: Why is the source scholarly or non-scholarly? Is there valid research within the
? Discuss the content (focus) of the item, any conclusions the author(s) may have made, your
reaction to the item, the usefulness of the item.
? Relatedness: How is content related to the HR-business strategy? Specifically, you should
address some of the following topics:
o Defining HR-business strategy and its purpose
o Models of strategy (both HR and business)
o HR influence on strategic business planning
o What makes up an HR and business strategy
o Topics that define strategy
o Influence of stakeholder on strategy
o Define learning organizations in correlation to HR-business strategy
o Define human systems and organizational culture
o Define human capitalmanagement
o Explain various golden rules and principles of structural organizational design in
correlation toHR-business strategy.
o Any other topic related to the course material
Please review the following page in the Writing Center for assistance with writing annotated
bibliographies (including examples).

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