at least 250 words the reading is call( Broyles – Beethoven in America – Beethoven Was Black) the file is too big i cannot upload it, so i only upload few pictures of the article, if you need try to search this article on internet

• For this forum, you need to find an example that relates to the idea that
Beethoven was black or that relates more generally to issues of Beethoven
and race. Then, post a link to the example in the forum along with
an explanation of what the example is and why it’s relevant for thinking about Beethoven as black or Beethoven and race generally. You are
required to relate your example to a specific concept discussed in the
Broyles chapter. If you use a direct quotation from Broyles, be sure to put it in quotations marks and include a page number. Failure to do so counts
as plagiarism and you will automatically fail the assignment. Please note
that if you discuss your personal opinions in any way, including your personal opinions of the example that you or anyone else has chosen, you will fail the assignment automatically. Some examples of items that you could post include a blog post; a newspaper article; an image; a relevant popular song or piece of music that samples or references
Beethoven. Don’t post an example that a classmate has already used.

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