Can someone write a paper on the film Notorious by Hitchcock? (2 pages)

Your assignment is to explain each of the four assessment factors of the Critical Model discussed in Lecture #2 in your own words and then apply each one briefly as you apply them to one of the mysteries viewed by the class. You may add mention of other mysteries that you have seen, but you must include any one of the mysteries viewed and discussed in this course. Here is how I want you to develop this paper.

  • Brief Introduction to the paper: what will you discuss and how
  • Brief summary of the movie – about 2-3 paragraphs—do not tell me every little detail as I already know what it will be about, but you should include the most important events.
  • Two paragraphs on the nature of Narrative in movies and on how well or effectively it was used in this movie.
  • Two paragraphs on the nature of Cultural Values expressed in movies and on what you found to be supported in this movie.
  • Two paragraphs on the nature of Mythology in movies and what you found to be reinforced in this movie.
  • Brief conclusion to the paper containing a summary of what you found in this paper and an effective conclusion.


1. I found Notorious to be an interesting film but not my favorite Hitchcock movie. It was too concerned with character relationships unlike many of his other films that are plot driven and filled with suspense. This one was more concerned with whether Devlin and Alicia would end up together rather than the intrigue of the situation. There was no real dominant point of view and it would change as is customary with Hitchcock films, Much of the time, we were seeing the action unfold through Alicia’s eyes though and in typical Hitchcock style the camera angles were in the same proximity as where the characters were standing to maintain the sense of immediacy and realism.

2. The real MacGuffin in Alfred Hitchcock’s, Notorious, was uranium ore, a poisonous radioactive material that was hidden in the wine bottles.

3. Alfred Hitchcock usually made a cameo appearance in the movies he directed. In the movie “Notorious”, the cameo appearance was during the party scene at the house of Alexander Sebastian (portrayed by Claude Rains). Hitchcock was briefly seen drinking champagne, then he quickly left the party.

4. The key element in a Hitchcock film is definitely suspense. There are many other common elements, like the idea that the audience is listening in to everything that is going on as if they were innocent bystanders. This is established by character placement and camera angles. There is always a MacGuffin, which is something that drives the plot and is of particular interest to the characters. The movies are about ordinary people and very often the wrong person is suspected. Staircases are common as is food and, of course, death, is a recurrent theme. The other Hitchcock films I have seen are successful narratives and create real suspense. The Birds was an excellent movie and Psycho is one of the best of all time. Again, the influence of character relationships and camera angles were important.

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