History II

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Question 1

  1. French crews traded for beaver pelts used in France to make

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Question 2

  1. England’s goal in its raids against Spain was to

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Question 3

  1. The _______ was a business form in England that encouraged the English to invest in founding colonies.

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Question 4

  1. How did the French learn to survive in New France?

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Question 5

  1. What was the attitude of the leaders of Dutch colonialism with regard to Indian Territory?

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Question 6

  1. Between 1455 and 1485, England was

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Question 7

  1. The Huron and Algonquian were

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Question 8

  1. In the mercantile system, colonies were useful to European countries because they

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Question 9

  1. A spirit of tolerance enabled the Dutch to

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Question 10

  1. The Hakluyt cousins argued that developing North American colonies would enable England to

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Question 11

  1. When a member of an Iroquois clan was lost in battle, his

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Question 12

  1. Chapter 2: Compare the lives and “employment” of Malinche (chapter 1) and Don Luis Velasco (chapter 2). Identify the specific ways their knowledge of two (multiple) worlds (their own native world and that of their captors) was marketable. In your essay cite specific example of how knowledge made Malinche and Don Luis Velasco indispensable to their current worlds. Please refer to the essay instructions on the class home page. Following the instructions will help you gain as many points on the essay as possible; failure to follow the instructions will result in loss of points. Remember, your answer must be in your own words. There is no credit given for essays that are copied form any source or for answers based on any source other than the textbook. In other words, answers based on internet searches will receive zero credit.Remember that their knowledge of their native world was important but so too was their knowledge of the Europeans’ worlds important.

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Question 13

  1. The experience of Don Luis de Velasco, or Paquiquineo, illustrates the

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Question 14

  1. The English were almost the last European nation to embrace global colonization. Which nation was even later than the English?

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Question 15

  1. During 40 years under Dutch control, the most profitable product of the New Netherlands was

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Question 16

  1. Both the Native Americans and the French believed that

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Question 17

  1. The Dutch West Indies Company thought the primary value of the New Netherlands was to

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Question 18

  1. How did Spanish King Phillip II react to explorations by France and England?

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Question 19

  1. When control of the New Netherlands passed from Holland to England,

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Question 20

  1. In the Europeans’ eyes North America was seen as an obstacle. Why?

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Question 21

  1. The English experiences in Ireland