Research Closed Head Injuries.

Approximately 2 – 4 pages in length

1) Define CLOSED HEAD INJURIES clearly, in your own words.

2) Research Closed Head Injuries. FIND ONE RESEARCH article ( AN EXPERIMENT) done within the last 5 years that addresses Closed Head Injuries. The subjects of the study MUST be HUMANS. Summarize the article. [ PRINT OUT and include the article, stapled to the back of your original written work.] Papers without attached articles will receive NO credit. An Experiment is NOT an overview or summary!!

3) Based on your research, the text and lecture, list and describe the 3 of the most common causes of closed head injuries.

4) Describe and discuss 2 (two) things that YOU, personally could do to prevent closed head injuries for you and/or your family.


1) Make sure you are finding RELIABLE RESEARCH sites that deal with CLOSED HEAD INJURIES.

2) This means that sites selling things or sites offering outlandish personal opinions are NOT appropriate.

3) We are EXCLUSIVELY looking for RESEARCH (in other words, an experiment) which means that encyclopedic sites, blogs, etc. are also NOT acceptable.

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