Respond on the Three Question About the New Entrepreneur

Please read passage and answer 3 questions

I limit my growth pace and make every effort to service my present customers in the manner they deserve. I have some peer pressure to .do otherwise by following the advice of exerts-that is, to take on partners and debt to facilitate rapid growth in sales and market share. When tempted by such thoughts, I think about what I might gain. Perhaps I could make more money, but I would also expect a lot more problems. Also, I think it might interfere somewhat with my family relationships, which very important to me.

Question one -Should venture be regarded as entrepreneurial? Is the owner a true entrepreneur?

Question 2-Do you agree with philosophy expressed here? Is the owner really doing what is best for his family?

Question 3 What kinds of problems is this owner trying to avoid?


Chapter Situation writing assignments

Chapter Situation writing assignments

Criteria Ratings Pts

Meaningful content answering all questions

Excellent10 pts

Good Job6 pts

Missing Content4 pts

Poor Job2 pts

No Marks0 pts

10 pts

Grammatically correct content

Excellent Job5 pts

Good Job3 pts

Poor Job0 pts

5 pts

Content indicates student has read and understands the chapter information.

Excellent job10 pts

Good job6 pts

Poor job0 pts

10 pts

Total Points: 25

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