Respond to a Case Study on Employment Law

Read the following case study:

Write a case summary that analyzes the following issues: the relationship between the parties involved in the case; the lower court decision(s); a short summary of the relevant facts and why the actions of each party resulted a lawsuit; a statement of the relevant law the appellate court discussed; the legal issue(s) that were decided; the reasoning used by the court when deciding the legal issues; and, your analysis of the decision.  Use in-text citations as required by the APA.  Answer each of the case questions.  Submit your paper as a Word document attachment below.

Remember to answer the questions using the facts of the case and the concepts introduced in the textbook and the course material.  You must also clearly explain your reasoning.



  1. Pam Huber sustained a permanent injury while
    working for Wal-Mart and could no longer perform her order filler job.  The parties agreed that she was qualified for
    the vacant router position, possessing the required skill, education,
    experience, and training.  The ADA
    requires reasonable accommodation, including “reassignment to the vacant
    position.”  Do you believe the quoted
    reassignment language means something more than allowing her to compete equally
    with all other candidates for this vacant position?  Explain.

  2. Comment on the court’s statement “Wal-Mart
    reasonably accommodated Huber’s disability by placing Huber in a maintenance
    associate position.”

  3. Read the introductory text for the EEOC’s
    position.  What is your view of this

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