Sara, you have gathered many useful and valuable sources here for your literature review

I have the first draft attached and need to revise it. I have received feedback from my professor and the original requirements.

ROUGH DRAFT FEEDBACK: Sara, you have gathered many useful and valuable sources here for your literature review, but you have to make sure that each bibliographical entry follows APA format. Some of these entries do not include the required information, such as volume numbers, page numbers, and a “doi” or “retrieved from” at the end of the citation. Please review APA citation format by looking at examples in our classroom materials or by using UMUC’s library tutorials on APA format. Each type of entry needs to follow a certain format. Also, the author’s last name goes first in each entry, and article titles should not be quoted. Titles of journals need to be in italics. In your annotation; you need to have a critical analysis at the end that explain why the source would or would not be useful in your literature review. The second line of each entry should be indented. I recommend studying sample annotated bibliographies before you revise this. It would also be helpful to submit your revised bibliography to the UMUC Writing Center (“Resources” along the purple bar at the top of the page) for free feedback. Finally, make sure that you edit your paper for grammatical errors; try reading each sentence out loud.

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