SOuth Carolina Studies

You have completed reading South Carolina in the Modern Age. This is our one objective history for the course – the rest of the longer texts being histories in memoir. As such, and given the time period it covers, this text is meant to give us a historical basis for all of our future discussions; it is our shared historical foundation, regardless of what further knowledge each of us brings to the class dialogues. But it ends in 1991. We want to consider what occurred between 1991 and 2001 that would make for the substance of a new chapter for the book. You will want to present one single event that should be included in the chapter and argue for the inclusion of this material. This will not be a list, and it is not guided by personal preferences. Remember that this is meant to act as an appendix to a history textbook, and must be argued for as such; thus, you will need to set aside any political or philosophical influences that would impinge upon objectivity. That said, we all have our bases of knowledge and understanding.

Recognize that you will need to defend your selection based on what is presented in the rest of South Carolina in the Modern Age. How does your selection complement or complicate what is already there? How do you present a trend or an event as an extension of the history already in the text? How do you present, and defend, the inclusion of an event or trend as significantly altering the course of the State, in a manner similar to past events referenced in the textbook?

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