the accounting processes and systems that Oman LNG to have it were strongly confirmed by 92% of the respondents comprising of accounting finance professionals selected for the survey at Oman LNG. Out of this 40% of respondents within the accounting department of the company had confirmed that this was occurring at Oman LNG strongly whereas 52% of respondents at Oman LNG were adamant that they agreed quite a bit regarding beneficial developments with respect to access control and internal control from IT.


On the matter of accounting systems and posses ability at Oman LNG

it is quite clear that numerous respondents did confirm that application of IT within the accounting systems of Oman LNG has been primarily responsible for bringing forward much developments and back to it can be done and achieved at the convenient cost feasible scale. At the same time it is confirmed that a majority of the respondents are also highly positive with respect to the important fact that not only does the IT systems facilitate much beneficial advantages with respect to accountancy but also it does so in a cost feasible aspect which is an important consideration for organizations such as Oman LNG.


At Oman LNG

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