writing a statement for my school 1 page or less

read this part and make sure that you mention everything that I wrote in the statement

so in my last seamster which is Spring 2018 I filed 3 courses and only passed one at the beginning of the seamster i didn’t know whats going on i felt sad lost interest in school although I’m senior and have been doing just fine in the past 4 years . i just didn’t want to go to school and crying all the time not feeling good , i have anxiety and could not go to sleep for days and i had problem with my scholarship so it was a lot and i just wanted to quit and what made it worse is having health problems “diabetes , high blood pressure alsonerve pain . but luckly my family stepped in and my mom forced me to go to psychiatry and she helped me so much with the support of my family and my psychiatry and therapist I’m doing just fine I’m following with my doctor and i have my family around me also i went to the Academic Support and Access Center which they helped me a lot .

statement requirement

“”you must prepare a written statement explaining your past performance and discussing your plan for future success. The response should be an appropriate length to expound upon the challenges you faced, both personal and academic. It should also discuss the tools and resources that you will utilize to successfully pass the courses.

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