journalism writting lead


Part 1) Choose a political, social or cultural issue and write a lead for a piece that supports the issue.

Then write a lead on the opposite side of the issue.

PART 2) Feature stories are soft news stories that usually cover ongoing topics

Featuring Features (ONLINE)


Journal Assignment

Post your findings in your journal. Your journal entry should include:

  • A link to the story, if possible (if not possible, then provide a brief summary of the article)
  • Four brief paragraphs responding to the following questions:
    1. What are the elements that you find interesting and engaging?
    2. Is the lead anecdotal?
    3. Does the writer use colorful writing to describe the characters in the story—are New Journalism techniques used?
    4. Is the story idea unusual or presented in an unusual way?

Label your journal entry 8.1 Features.

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