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Good afternoon Mr. Chaviano,

This is a follow up to our conversation earlier today in reference to the incident with Eli. Allow me to clarify when Eli was picked up after school today she was crying because she had been called stupid in front of her classmates by Michelle and Heiner. In previous meetings we had discussed Eli’s lack of participation; we have been encouraging her to participate even if she doesn’t know the correct answer. As a parent I thought I was doing the correct thing. To have my child humiliated and embarrassed by other students is simply unacceptable. When I called you to discuss the matter you informed me that you had not heard it, and that Michelle Cruz is a quiet student. That put me under the impression that you thought that Eli was lying. I proceeded to inform you that I felt that you were not supporting Eli as your student and let me tell you why. A classroom is a setting where all kids should be able to come and learn because learning from your mistakes is also part of the learning experience. So every kid that raises their hand or is called on always gets the answers right? I

Michelle is quiet good for her

Heiner I don’t know who he thinks he is (please put nicely)

Ultimately we would never allow our daughter to make fun of other student’s intellectual levels, financial need, or mock the way they look. So, what makes it acceptable for other students to do that to her. I expect my child to be able to go to school and learn without being mocked or bullied and be treated with the same level of respect that she treats other. Hopefully, you will take the time to further investigate because every child has the right to participate and be educated in a positive learning environment and when a student or students violate another students right to learn they should be held accountable and there should be consequences. Regardless of how quite or good they may be. No one has the right to infringe on the rights of others.


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