Write a proposal expressing the need for the development of more vegetarian restaurants

In this proposal, please be sure that each of these questions are addressed:

  • Is there a clearly stated problem that the proposal is addressing?
  • Have possible solutions been included, and are they logical?
  • Is there enough evidence to support the proposed solution as the best one?
  • Is the evidence appropriate to the type of argument the writer is making?
  • Is the evidence logical (free of logical fallacies)?
  • Is the implementation clear, and/or are next steps clearly indicated?
  • Is there too much / not enough information for you as a reader, and a potential decision-maker about the proposal?
  • Have all of the usual proposal sections been included, as appropriate?
  • Is the proposal laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow format, with parallel headings, good use of visuals as appropriate, good layout and design?
  • Is the language clear, correct, and easy to understand?

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