analyzing essay

Choose one of the theses bolded below and write an essay that supports the thesis with strong, specific support from the text.

In “The Good Earth Grocery,” Richard Dokey uses the feelings and actions of Winston and Lorraine to define the concept of caretaking.

Richard Dokey’s short story “The Good Earth Grocery” argues that caring for others is not entirely selfless; caretakers often get their own needs met through their caretaking roles.

While many consider family to be a function of genetics, Richard Dokey’s “The Good Earth Grocery” demonstrates the way that family can be created over time, through extended communities.

In “The Good Earth,” dialogue is crucial to establishing character. The way each character speaks (including favored pronouns and repeated words) reflects their value system.

While sweetened foods likely contributed to the loss of their mother, “The Good Earth Grocery” suggests that such foods, and the grocery stores in which they are sold, can also lead to connection and community.

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