Assignment #1 Part 2

I give article “Treatment food Allergy”, and you will read, summarize and critically evaluate the peer-reviewed research article. This final evaluation will also include an overall summary putting the two sources of information (the lay article and the peer-reviewed research article) into context using your own words and thoughts (e.g., comment on the importance and validity of the article in your own words and thoughts. For more guidance, read the two articles, “Understanding Scientific Studies” and “Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science”).

This summary will be 2 pages long (around 400 words, type double-spaced) including:

  1. the summary of the peer-reviewed research article. (~1.5 pages)
  2. the evaluation of the lay article and the peer-reviewed research article (i.e., validity, credibility, etc., ~0.5 page)

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