Discussion – Audience Analysis, communications homework help

Part 1: Initial Post

Find the due date for this part on the course calendar.

  1. Take the political typology quiz. http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typolog…
  2. When you complete the survey, you will find the results page with the category the survey identifies for you. You will also see on the right side of the page a column that describes the beliefs held by members of that group and some pertinent demographic statistics related to your typology. Briefly describe which of the terms from the survey can be applied to you, and the degree to which the beliefs and demographic categories pertain to you.
  3. Read the link:
  4. Review the following identifiers used to describe people at various points along the typology, noting how this typology breaks out different categories
    1. Steadfast Conservative,
    2. Business Conservative,
    3. Solid Liberal,
    4. Young Outsider,
    5. Hard Pressed Skeptic,
    6. Next Generation Left,
    7. Faith and Family Left,
    8. Bystanders.
  5. From there, review what the Pew Center research has found regarding some of the beliefs commonly taken by individuals who represent the typology you scored highest in.
  6. Write a paragraph to observe which of these positions are important–or not very important–for you.

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