Five pages, double space essay based on the Take home exam

please look through all the requirements and fulfill professor’s request!

Most importantly, the essay should contains a great introduction and conclusion paragraph. Each paragraph focus on 1 idea and each idea should have texture support and quotes from books are good. Also focus on quality of writing.

Pick one question from the 2 questions you wrote for the mill Exam.

Also I attached professor’s commands on the last paper! I didn’t get a good grade and professor explained to me the reason!

1st – Since I didn’t use the same edition of the book, the quotes need to be cited and a bibliography is required

2nd – each paragraph focus on 1 idea and each idea requires quote/quotes (texture) to back up the idea and show the professor that I did the reading

I also attached the commands from the professor on the last paper ! Hope this help you on this one!

PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you NEED anything~

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