Goal You will complete a case study of a person belonging to one of the statuses covered, sociology homework help


You will complete a case study of a person belonging to one of the statuses covered in this unit.


You are working on your Master’s degree in Sociology and are assisting in a research project on inequality in American society.


Your audience includes the professor you are assisting and those who will review the study for publication in a Sociology journal.


The professor you are working under has decided that his study will be a qualitative study consisting of case studies. You need to conduct an interview with a subject of your choosing who is of a minority group, age 65 and older, and/or female. You will then prepare your interview for publication. You will need to prepare questions for your interview regarding the subject’s feelings about how society views him or her based on his or her status and/or whether the person feels he or she has been the target of discrimination. You will also provide analysis as part of your case study. You will need to identify demographic characteristics of your subject such as gender, race/ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic status (Upper class, upper middle, lower middle, working class, or poor).

Product, Performance and Purpose

You will need to submit a typed case study in which you summarize your interview and provide analysis of the interview based on what you have learned about inequality in this unit. How do you think this person’s life in our society has been affected by the social constructions associated with their status (es)? You may have a subject who has a number of statuses that fit this study (e.g., African- American female, Hispanic male over age 65). Make sure you make an effort to use sociological terms and concepts in your analysis.

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