Please write a few sentences for each question.

Providing Hope is a nonprofit alcohol recovery program. Apart from

traditional alcohol recovery services offered to program clients,

Providing Hope also provides counseling that addresses mental health and

family dynamic issues. Providing Hope provides services to address job

acquisition and retention, housing, and provides meeting space for other

community services providers to hold meetings beneficial to program

clients. Assisting people to address issues of sobriety and other

aspects of their lives is a core product of the organization. Often,

persons suffering from alcohol abuse may also need to deal with mental

health, employment, housing, and family dynamic issues. Core products

provided include: improving quality of life, creating hope, and

increasing one’s self awareness.

The organization’s board of directors and leadership team hold a retreat to discuss the products which the organization offers.

The services and programs provided are considered the organization’s
tangible products. A logo represents a method of branding these services
and products, and will benefit the organization by helping persons in
the community recognize the products offered by Providing Hope.

Providing Hope has operated in the Seattle, Washington area for 35
years. Although it is no stranger to the general public, it does not use
a visible logo.

Finally, the group meets to discuss ways to enhance the
organization’s job acquisition and retention services. The program
provides a job-seeking class that stresses the importance of
interviewing well for a prospective job, but wants to do more in this
area. The group is considering providing a video on interviewing,
considered an augmented product. The interview video’s purpose is a
supplement to services already provided by the organization.

Please write a few sentences for each question that best answers the three decision points in this group’s discussion.

  1. The group has a discussion about the core products the organization
    offers. What core products does Providing Hope offer its clients?
  2. As part of managing the organization’s offerings, what should this logo specifically address?
  3. What kind of product is the computer program? Why is providing such a product important to an organization?

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