Unit 4 assignment

Throughout the course, we have defined problems, evaluated sources, and examined ways to find the cause of a problem. Now we will begin looking at potential solutions. There will be times when the solution may be quite obvious, however, if a problem is big enough to warrant attention, it is important to ensure our solution is one that is viable. This is where the Systematic Literature review comes in. The purpose of the systematic literature review is to find credible sources on the problem you have identified that may lead to a solution in your environment. It is targeted and specific and is aimed and your problem specifically. It is important to note that solutions in one industry often come from successes in a totally different industry.

Please watch the video below for more information on the Systematic Literature Review:

For this assignment, you will complete a MINI-Systematic Literature Review on a healthcare topic/problem. The goal is to obtain some practice reviewing and summarizing credible research on your specific problem. You can select any healthcare problem (except the one you have selected for your course project) that has been used in this course or that you have a vested interest in.


  • Select a healthcare topic/problem that has been used in the previous units (note: you cannot select the topic you selected for your course project).
  • Using the ECPI Library find TWO credible sources on your topic or problem.
  • Read the content in the two sources, identifying the key ideas presented.
  • Write a one-page summary analysis of the information as it relates to the topic/problem you have selected.
  • Be sure your literature review is a combination of your ideas on the topic/problem supported (or refuted) by the research you find.
  • Be sure to include in-text citations throughout the body of the paper and to include an APA Reference page.
  • Please limit your direct quotes to no more than 10% of your paper.


  • Your paper should be thorough, well-conceived college-level writing that is free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • You must justify your responses with facts and details from the credible sources, and with your conclusions.
  • Be sure to cite your source(s) using APA. Please format your paper using APA format including the use of in-text citations and a reference page.
  • Create your assignment in a Microsoft Word document.

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