Write and perform an elevator speech for your product, marketing homework help

Write and perform an elevator speech for your product. Record yourself via Webcam or similar device, save the file, and then post on YouTube/Voice Thread. (Use an alternate method if you don’t have Webcam.) The nice part about voice thread is that it links up with several sources like youtube and googe drive to ease your upload. (This weeks assignment)

So I want to clarify with you that I understand that you want to create an IMC for the Samsung? I feel like what you put together for me is what the company is currently doing. I want you to show me how you are going to make it different or unique for this project. I feel unclear about this as it is presented now. ?????????????????????????????????Based on what you turned in, I have to grade it accordingly, but I would suggest re-reading the assignment instructions and I will allow you clarify and resubmit it by Sunday 7/30 so I have a better understanding. I will offer the points if you update what you originally sent in. (Professor’s feedback about the last assignment.)

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