8 writing assignment, each with own instruction

I will list 8 assignments, each of their own points and length and I am going to upload the instructions for them. Also, I would like you to follow the instructions carefully. as I said there are different points for each assignment and I would like you put more effort in higher points assignment than the others. Furthermore, I would like you to give me each assignment as you finish them, so don’t give them to me all at once. you don’t need to be perfect for all the assignments, but follow the instructions carefully. last thing, I would like you to read each format for the assignments because they have different formats.I couldn’t upload every files but after you accept it I will upload them.

assignment 1) 2.1 cartoon analysis: 40 points, 500 words.

assignment 2) 4.1 Frankenstein Critical Analysis Evaluation Essay: 75 points, 750 points.

assignment 3) 5.1 Frankenstein Application Essay: 75 points, 750 words.

assignment 4) 6.1 Interview Assignment: 10 points, 350 words.

assignment 5) 7.1 Research Proposal Letter, 50 points, 500 words.

assignment 6) 8.1 Media Analysis: 50 points, 500 words.

assignment 7) 9.1 Illustration Essay: 100 points, 500 words.

assignment 8) 10.1 Classification Essay: 100 points, 500 words.

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