answer several questions of Strategic Management

Discussion questions Chapter 5:

  • Think of an organization that you know relatively well and attempt to construct a mission statement in light of the components of missions discussed in this chapter. What components did you choose to emphasize in the statement? Why? What component do you think really embodies the distinctiveness of the organization?
  • Who determines the values of the health care organization? What values do you think should be shared by all health care organizations? Why?
  • Why are values referred to as an organization’s guiding principles? In what sense do values constitute a directional strategy for the organization?

Discussion questions Chapter 6:

  • Why are the directional strategies both a part of situational analysis and a part of strategy formulation?
  • Why does the selection of the strategic alternatives create “direction” for the organization?
  • Many health care organizations have engaged in vertical and horizontal integration. What is the rationale for these strategies?

Please read the book that I post chapter5 &6

I don’t need an article I just need the answer of each question.

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