Blatchford and Sartre

Contrary to Robert Blatchford’s hard determinist position, Jean-Paul Sartre argues in “Existentialism” that if human nature is not something determined beforehand but is, instead, something we create as we make the decisions that come to constitute our lives, we are radically free. This is central to the existentialist view of human beings and, as Sartre also clearly realized, has important implications for ethics. So, if you are free to do whatever you wish — if for you everything is permissible — then what will you do? How will you live your life? And, if you agree with existentialism, to what extent does the way in which you live your life have implications for the lives and behavior of others?

Write at least 1-2 paragraphs in response to the prompt above.


Separately write one personal response paragraph to this classmate discussion board post tell what what you think, you’re talking to them directly..

Living a life where I can do as I please is one that would fearless. As a young mother I am not free. My thoughts are not my own, my decisions are not my own, my money is not my own and my life is just not mine. It belongs to my children . Therefore I see myself living a life for my kids. I am free in their world but in my own I feel bound . If I were to live a life of freedom I would be fearless . I would make decisions that benefit me and the decisions that make me happy however I define happiness. But living a life for myself would also contain the feelings of others and how they would be affected by my choices. At times I wish I could be free mentally and emotionally , not thinking about others and just live for me and me alone. But for now I am happy with the free will I have because I am not only thinking of myself in the daily walks of life but I also consider those around me and how my choices will affect them. Sometimes not having much free will leaves us to think of others and not only ourselves.

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