crime of the internet

must include properly
formatted APA citations and references. Make sure you answer each part of
question, and number each question. no cover sheet just answer question with
the correct word count. Must use your own words. The book I am using is the
crime of the internet by Frank Schmallger and Michael Pittaro. 250 words for
each questions

1. In no less than 250 words, (1) describe the race, gender, and
age characteristics of the child victims of online sexual predators and discuss
some of the common methods used by sex offenders to dupe their victims in to submitting
to their perverse demands. (2) If you were asked to facilitate a presentation
on Internet Safety, what would you focus on and why?

2. What makes the digital piracy of
music so attractive to today’s adolescents? How can we, as criminal justice
professionals, minimize digital piracy among this particular population?

3. Criminological theories are often
used to explain the reasons or causes of certain behaviors. Other than Rational
Choice theory and Social Learning theory, identify and discuss another
psychological or sociological theory that could be introduced to explain
cyberstalking? Present a persuasive argument as to why you selected this
particular theory.

4. As an investigator with the newly
created cyber crime unit of the New York Attorney General’s office, you have
been tasked with setting up a cyber sting operation to investigate and apprehend
an International child pornography ring in which several prominent New Yorkers
are suspected of participating. What are some suggestions for setting up
a sting operation of this magnitude?

5. Compare AND contrast
the profiles of the “traditional” terrorist with that of the
cyber terrorist. Be sure to note their similarities and differences.

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