discussion questions the answer for each task should be paragraph or less

Read Chapter 7 in our text (SWC, 2013) on the “policy triad” and the National Security Council. Review National Security Presidential Memorandum 4 (NSPM-4), issued April 4, 2017, available at:


to remind yourself of how President Trump’s NSC is organized. You might also find the following report by the Congressional Research Service useful for further background and a discussion of the current NSC organization, especially pp. 7-13: https://www.everycrsreport.com/files/20170428_R44828_835030f0006306b02d406f7c4c825c2f93a2ff69.pdf. You have already identified several of the key players in the current Administration. You will need to use that information, along with other material, to respond to the following DB tasks:

TASK #1: Our textbook (SWC, 2013) uses the term “policy triad.” According to our textbook (SWC, 2013), which positions constitute the “policy triad”? Who are the officials (by name) currently occupying those positions?

TASK #2: What is the significance of the policy triad, according to our textbook (SWC, 2013)?

TASK #3: Find one recent (within the last 6 months) press article or other publication that talks about a meeting of the National Security Council or an action taken the current National Security Advisor. Write a short (not more than 10 sentences) summary of the article and include a comment on how the article relates to a point made in our textbook (SWC, 2013). Make sure you cite your source properly.

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