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1.The stages of socialization include media, family, peers, neighborhood, religion and schools. The role of schools in gender role socialization comes down to the interaction of the different gender and ages of students represented in schools. Schools determine the tasks and behaviors that boys and girls should engage in. Some behaviors are acceptable for boys and unacceptable for girls and vice versa. Technology has impacted the process of socialization in the sense that it affects the attitudes and behaviors of individuals within the society. Technology allows individuals to explore more on ideas thus influencing how they interact with others and what they feel about them.

2.Total institutions are workplaces and residential areas where a considerable number of people that are similar cut themselves off from the larger society for a certain period. The four traits of total institutions according to Goffman are: everything takes place in the same environment under a single authority, the rights of the people are dependent on the authority, all activities are conducted in the interests of the organization and all the activities of an organization are conducted in the same way. The degradation ceremony is usually used to humiliate the sense of self in people by exposing them to rituals that are embarrassing. Degradation ceremonies tend to break individuals apart for them to fit within a particular group or organization.

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