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Continuation to the Research paper, which we are writing for topic “New
Market (India) Entry Strategy: Apple Inc”

The final Chapter is the Evaluation. There were certain goals you wanted to accomplish in this study. This chapter iterates to management how you plan to measure the success of the program you designed and plan to implement and how and when you plan to report the results back to management.

For instance, if you had set out to enhance the attitudes toward diversity of a group of workers, your Evaluation may look like this:

“The success of this diversity education program will be measured with a pre-test given before the diversity education program as compared with a post-test given after the delivery of the diversity program. Further validation of the success of the program will be done through interviews, observation, surveys and focus groups.”

The idea here is to show management that the program did what you said it would do. Being able to report successful results back to management can do wonders for your career.

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