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  • You are an assistant to Blake Harper, a partner in Parma Disaster Recovery in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm offers training and consulting services to companies that want to prepare for or recover from disasters, including natural disasters. Blake asks you to help him automate client information entry, review current sales data, and determine whether the firm should expand into Florida.
  • Modify and arrange the form controls to improve the layout as follows:
    • Align the Disaster prevention check box and the Disaster detection check box using Align Top formatting.
    • Align the Management training check box and the Disaster detection check box using Align Left formatting.
    • Format the Disaster detection check box so that it has a cell link to cell $C$30.
    • In Design Mode, select the Option Button 8 option button and then use the text Training to replace the placeholder text.
  • In cell D17, create a formula using the INDEX function to return the value from the named range Request_type (which represents the range A27:A29) based on the value in cell E26.

Go to the Home Page worksheet. Add a background image to the worksheet, using the support file Support_SC_EX16_CS8-11a_Background.jpg, to make the user interface more attractive.

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