Need help with 750 worn mini research paper

Paper should consist of a minimum of 750 words.

Below are the instructions to follow

Each post is like a mini-research paper. It should be well thought out, logical, researched (with
at least three sources both used and cited in your post), and use substantive sources such as
commentaries and journal articles.
You should present an objective, biblical interpretation of the passage in question. This should
not be an exercise in sermonizing, personal illustrations, or subjective feelings about the Bible.
This is a discussion among fellow classmates as to the meaning of the biblical text. Choose one option to research and write about

Philippians 1:6: Explain this verse making sure to pay attention to the context

Philippians 4:6: God commands us not to be anxious. Does this mean we can simply
stop being anxious because we are told to? What about anxiety that is
caused by physiological reasons?

Philippians 4:13: Explain this verse making sure to pay attention to the context

Philippians 4:19: Explain this verse dealing with the fact that God does not appear to
keep this promise to many Christians around the world

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