Paraphrase three paragraphs.

Please paraphrase these three paragraphs as below:

1. The influence that culture has on communication is significant. There are several reasons why communication in different cultures starting with the most obvious the language barrier, then there are proper ways in each culture to greet and say goodbye, and finally how to behave when interacting with someone from a different culture than their own (Kinsey, 2011). The differences could be explained by the dimensions of individualism and collectivism, in other words on high context cultures and low context cultures. The individuals belonging to collectivist societies or high context cultures have a strong sense of “we”. They are more integrated, cohesive societies. Hence, the communication in such societies or cultures are more implicit, they value the situations and non-verbal cues more than the spoken or written words. Whereas, in individualistic societies, the sense of “I” precedes over the sense of “we”. Hence, the communication in such societies is more precise, explicit and direct. Non-verbal and situational factors are not considered very important, hence, are considered low context cultures. (Kinsey, 2011).

2. Another way of misunderstanding occurs when an individual belonging to low context uses a direct approach to communication, while, the individual belonging to high context culture uses an indirect approach. Low context culture would preferably use a straightforward and precise way to express his/her intention that may not be viewed as polite by the individual who belongs to high context culture. For example, A person from the United States may be more used to being direct in what they say and not be as readily able to pick up on the social cues from a person from Japan. In addition, when each culture’s values are not taken into account, the misunderstanding could occur as well. If a culture, such as the United States, values speed and getting things done right away (Kaplan & Cunningham, 2010) they might not pick up on social cues from someone who does not share the same value, creating a breakdown in communication. The sense of urgency would be lost to the person from the US, or the other individual may feel as though the US person was in too much of a hurry for something mundane and unimportant.

3. In contrast to Western thought, the Chinese emphasize “highly personal duties and social goals” rather than the individual, and personal rights. Confucian emphasis on loyalty, responsibility, and individual moral cultivation which could lead to harmonious relationships and the sane society. Most individuals, therefore, might be differently opinionated while in group settings, but they might keep silence if their thought is different from the majority, and follow the group decision.

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