research methods The Impact of Cultural-Creative Industries on the Economic Growth in SouthYorkshire, writing homework help

Research topic: The Impact of Cultural-Creative Industries on the Economic Growth in SouthYorkshire(you can find it in PDF, and please read the pdf files first.)


First of all, think of a specific research question for a research project that you could realistically carry out as part of your dissertation project (or another realistic research project of equal scope).

Structure your assignment according to the following four sections:

Maximum Word Length: 1,500

1. Context

2. Data collection (choose one: 2a quantitative OR 2b qualitative) and analysis

3. Ethical considerations

4. Information sheet (choose one: 4a for quantitative & qualitative studies OR 4b for secondary data collection)

Make sure you address all the questions/issues detailed below.

1) Context 200 words

Please state your research question, your objectives and your research approach:

a. Briefly describe your research topic and specify your question

b. Briefly describe your data collection

c. Please state: is it a quantitative OR a qualitative study, OR does it involve (mainly) secondary data collection? (If you plan to do more than 1 in your dissertation, then please choose 1 for this assignment).

d. Who are the potential participants? How are they recruited?

2) Data collection and Analysis 500 words

Note: You only need to answer 2a OR 2b here.

If you plan a quantitative study or a secondary data collection ? please go to 2a. If you plan a qualitative study ? please go to 2b.

2a. If you plan a quantitative study or a secondary data collection, please explain the data collection method(s), state a hypothesis of your study and name its variables.

a. How will you measure these variables? [Which information in the secondary data relates to these variables?] Be as specific as you can!

b. Which type of scale level do these data/measures possess?

c. Which statistical test do you choose to test this hypothesis and why?

d. Please discuss: how can you ensure reliability and validity of your measurements?

2b. If you plan a qualitative study, please describe in detail:

a. How is the data in your study collected?

b. Please describe step-by-step: how will you analyse the data you collected?

c. Which information will you report in your results section?

d. How will you ensure credibility, transferability, dependability and reflexivity in your study?

3) Ethical issues 350 words

Please discuss in detail:

a. What is the potential harm for the participants? If so, how will this be managed to ensure appropriate protection and well-being of the participants?

b. How is data confidentiality handled and how is the data of this research stored?

c. Which ethical issues will not be /hardly be affected by this research and why?

d. Is consent needed from the participants?

4) Information sheet draft 450 words

Note: You only need to answer 4a OR 4b here.

4a) If you are doing a quantitative or qualitative data collection: Please design an information sheet about the data collection, providing enough information for the participants so they can give informed consent.

4b) If you are doing a secondary data collection: Please design an information sheet about your study that could be sent to the organisations or people from whom the data originally came from.

There is no one best way to write an ethics application. A very good Research Proposal 2 – Ethics reflects your understanding of research methods, your awareness of the wider impact and risks of your research, your ability to make informed decisions, and your skill to express this in a coherent, reflective proposal. In a very good research process the data collection and analysis part follow from the hypotheses and the research approaches and the ethical requirements are followed in each of those parts. For more information, please refer to the marking grid that is attached.

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