Review of a Musical Theatre Production

Write a review based on the guidelines in this link:…. Please include a link to the show’s performance dates.

Should you NOT have access to live performance (the most preferable option) you may review recordings of live Broadway shows like: Shrek: The Musical, She Loves Me, Barnum or Legally Blonde as outlined in the syllabus. These shows can be found on Netflix, Broadway HD, YouTube and other sites. Some are subscription sites whose membership fee can equal that to a ticket to a live performance.

The review should be two pages, double-spaced.

Please refer to the rubric to make sure your assignment meets the standards for:

  • Originality of Thought
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Following directives from assignment
  • Use of concepts from past assignments, readings, videos and presentations
  • Ability to examine the collaborative nature of musical theatre from various perspectives
  • Grammar and Spelling

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