Service (philosophy)

Which story in Wisdom Walk teaches you something about Service?

Which story in Wisdom Walk teaches you about Service and the wisdom practice: Offer Yourself in Service to Others?

In your first paragraph choose and summarize a story from Wisdom Walk and explain your understanding of the wisdom practice under discussion.

In your second paragraph discuss your views about the story and wisdom practice and how it relates to your life.


I read the story “Burden Turns to Blessing”. In this story, Anne, a young women, has to take care of her sick father. Anne has other priorities and things to do, but she loves her father. Weekly she would drive hours away after working to see her father and take care of him. Of course she loves him, but she would appreciate some help from her siblings. The lack of appreciation and assistance she is given for helping her father puts her in an unhappy spot where she does not feel good about going to see him. Anne then went one Sunday to church and heard, “Service is an act of love for another. It’s not really me who is giving. I am a vehicle of God’s love. I am the hands and feet of God.” Anne was hit with a realization that helping one other is an amazing act that should make you feel good. Helping someone else is the ultimate service and deserves amazing appreciation. After this realization, Anne gained more natural appreciation of going to see her father. On days that she was tired or it would be difficult to go be with him, she would not go. When she had energy, of course she would go spend time with him. This is authentic and really displayed her natural love and giving for her Father.

During high school I was in my student council. There was a lot of activities at first that I did not necessarily like doing that had to do with community service and giving up my lunch time. Eventually, I began to enjoy these activities and learned of the fun that came with them. I learned to be more open and make a different set of friends as well as finding the beauty in donating time to others, and helping others in need. The golden rule is treating others how you would like to be treated. Donating one’s time for someone else is a major plus and people really appreciate that. Even if they don’t appreciate it in the moment, at the end of the day it is something really great to have on your legacy.

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