Sports Management Written


At least 1,000 words required. APA citations required (in-text citations / references section)¬órefer to the latest Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Read M6R3, M6R4, and M6R5.(ATTACHED BELOW)

After reading M6R3 and M6R4, please identify the theories that help explain sponsorship. Discuss each theory and its strengths and weaknesses in terms of explaining the relationships among the participants of sponsorships (e.g., entities such as the sponsor, the property, and the fans). Then review M6R5. Then discuss how you could develop a new theory that improves our understanding of sports sponsorship. I know this is a challenging task. But if you could identify the weaknesses of existing theories, then your discussions of a new theory can revolve around how to improve the identified weaknesses. Can you even name your new theory?

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