The vine by Robert Herrick, poem analysis

i choose The vine by Robert Herrick

1.Paraphrase the poem line by line (Exception: if you have chosen Lovelace’s To Althea, From Prison, Marvell’s To His Coy Mistress, or Marvell’s The Mower’s Song, you may paraphrase every 3-4 lines or every stanza).

2.Using ART WARS, tell what the poem is about (A).

3.Using the remaining elements of ART WARS, choose 3 of the 6 to comment on:

i choose Tone, Words, and Alliteration

Don’t just say “I see alliteration here” or “These words rhyme”, but be sure to explain what effect these elements have on the poem overall.

4. Tell us why you chose this poem to analyze. How did it speak to you?

5. Create a question to ask the class about your poem. “You” questions can work very well.

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