Magic of Speech Evaluation Gain World Class Public Speaking Experience

Define the following, as we did in class (5 points each):

  1. citation
  2. quotation
  3. sustainability
  4. organic food

Write a paragraph explaining each of the following as thoroughly as you can (18 points each):

  1. Rules for summarizing
  2. When you need to use a citation to avoid plagiarism
  3. Biased writing

Write a full reference in APA for each of the following (10 points each):

  1. the article “Why German pilots won’t fly Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan” at
  2. Sedniev: Magic of Speech Evaluation. You can get the details at

Write a sentence to introduce this source in a paper for the first time (6 points):

  1. Gladwell’s “Something borrowed”

i uploaded the file of:

  1. Gladwell’s “Something borrowed”
  2. also the questions on a file( just to make sure everything you need is there)

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