2 forum posts 350 words each please see description

Forum 1: Peacekeeping 1988-present 350 words or more.

Imagine a post-conflict peacekeeping operation on the Korean Peninsula. Given your readings from Week 8, what would be important theoretical and operational approaches for a successful operation? What approaches might lead to failure (given your knowledge of other UN peacekeeping mission disasters)?

Forum 2: Paralegal Seminar 350 words or more (Bluebook format)

In your Real Estate Law course you discussed many aspects of property and real estate law. Property ownership rights are fundamental in our society and, as such, property owners expect the law to protect those rights.

1. An easement is a way to acquire interest in land. Briefly describe the purpose of owning an easement.

2. Please discuss the extent to which the burden of easements affects the enjoyment of land by the successor in title of those who created the easements.

3. Explain whether the right to store furniture in your neighbors basement can be considered an easement. Could an easement be used as a driveway on your land for use by your neighbor? What about for use of the rest of the neighborhood? What if you wanted to put a storage shed on this driveway?

Please discuss each of these topics fully, citing sources to support what you write.

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