suggestion to improve others research idea

Offer a suggestion to improve another student’s research ideas. (100-words only)!!!

student’s research ideas:

Can making specific english class for a major help become better writer in a specific field of study.

Above is my attempt to make a hypothesis at this moment. I need to work on it better to make it not a yes or no kind of hypothesis. With this question though, I think with a little work it can become a good research. The reason I believe it can be a good research is because english is important, but as a college student trying hard to graduate in four years does not help when the school requires students to take english classes that is not affiliated with their major. In my case I am communications major but I am pursuing a career in law enforcement. Two different majors, but that is my choice. I am focussing on the criminal justice side for this project. Student in CRJ and want a career in law enforcement need to learn how to write properly but in the mind set of report writing not reading a book and writing a book report on the book. Have a specific english class for specific majors to take would be more ideal then making students take an english class that does not help them except put them through school longer.

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