Financial Analysis Report Comparing Target vs CVS

1st page – Your cover page should list your names, the course name, the semester, and the title “Comparative Financial Analysis of ___ and ___”(the blanks are the company names)

Next 2-to-3 pages – This should be your executive summary in which you discuss your findings, along with your assessments and the reasoning for your findings.It should contain the sections listed below:

  • Introduction – What is the primary line of business for each company?How do they differ in this regard?
  • Liquidity Analysis – Which company has the stronger liquidity ratios?Which company appears to be a safer candidate for a short-term loan?
  • Asset Management Analysis – Which company appears to be more efficient in the management of its assets?What are the major differences in this area?
  • Debt Management Analysis – Which company appears to be the safer company to a long-term bond investor or stock investor?
  • Profitability Analysis – Which company appears to be performing better in terms of profitability?
  • Market Value Analysis – Which company is trading at a higher price/EPS ratio or a higher price/BVPS ratio?What do you think that one of the companies is trading at higher price multiples than the other?
  • Summary – Briefly discuss the one or two most dramatic differences observed between the two companies in terms all of the ratios examined above.Offer your opinion of which company is being better operated and financial stronger overall.Explain your reasoning.
  • Note that “Cost of Revenues” may be used as “Cost of Goods Sold” (they are the same measure).
  • The item labeled “Net Tangible Assets” may be ignored.

Next one or two pages – These should include your ratio calculations and table of ratio values.

Last four pages – These should include the balance sheets and income statements for each of the two companies.

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