How digital revolution has impact news products?

Course: Mass Communication Industries

Case Study – Charles Manson

Q2: Drawing on a TV or radio station of your choice, discuss how the digital revolution has impacted the production, distribution and consumption of news products.

(e.g. television ; channel newsasia, fox news | radio; BBC)

  • focus on how news is produced ( tv, radio)
  • how it is distributed to you and i
  • how we consume it.
  • convergence, participatory culture.
  • citizen journalism, how it changes impact and consumption of news, social medias
  • breaking news = literally breaking news, e.g. live at the place.
  • Anybody can contribute to the news as long as they have a story to tell ( in conclusion )
  • The points are to link to my case study as Charles Manson case is a very huge story to discuss about and how news has spread and continued his legacy even till today and future.

    Why is Charles Manson so special compared to other more gruesome murderer? Has this got to do with his charisma, vibes, etc?

    How did Charles Manson came about his idea? Through a music’s lyrics? Means music does impact on human too?

    Many points on this case, hopefully its case is fully dissected.


  • 3000 words essay (+- 10%)
  • 20 references ( Journals, News, Books)
  • Harvard Style!
  • Good sub-headings, good flow
  • 1 good case study, dissect and analyze. Compare and contrast, arguments. Theories. Link slightly to psychology since Mass Comm is interrelated to Market& psychology.
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