3 Page Paper on the Early Earth.

The topic of this essay is the formation of the Earth during the Cryptic era. This includes the early formation of Earths oceans and land masses and the evolution of life during this period. The outline is as follows. Please try and stick to the outline:)

  1. Introduction

a. Attention grabber

b. Thesis – EarthÂ’s Cryptic Era shaped our current planet as we know it with the formation of the moon and the oceans.

c. Closing statement

  1. Formation

a. The formation of earth

b. The formation of the moon

c. The condition of early Earth

  1. Early Land masses

a. Geographical information

b. Early Earths terrain

c. Climate and atmosphere

  1. Oceans

a. Formation

b. Water conditions

c. First life on Earth

  1. Conclusion

a. Restated thesis

b. Concluding statement

Please cite sources within paper and list them at the end.

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