Assignment 2: work hazard perception

This is a graduate work and need to follow instructions in assignment

How are the hazards perceived? The workers might have one perspective and you might have
another one. Indeed, scientists who report on their studies of similar work sites, might have even
a different perception.
The task here is to rank the hazards in terms of “level of concern” among different observers.
You may consider several different perspectives, but you should include these three
o workers,
o scientists (where possible)
o yourself.
To learn the view of workers you can interview a worker. (Don’t over do this; it does not require
a survey.) In some cases the site you have selected may be too sensitive to directly interview
workers. See if you can find workers in a similar setting in another place. If this is not possible
select a friend who is like the workers that you are studying and interview him or her.
To learn the views of scientists it will be useful to do a brief literature search to learn if there are
studies of similar work sites where researchers have attempted to study particular aspects of the
workplace or, if you are lucky, the whole work site that you have selected. If there are studies of
the whole site, simply report on those findings; if there are only partial studies, try to assemble
them into a prioritized list.
Your own views might track those of one of these two groups or it might differ.
In the brief paper you present you should include two or more lists of the hazards representing
the different observers and ranking the hazards from high concern to low concern. If there are
significant differences suggest some plausible explanations.

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